Why Choose CloudCoin?

As CloudCoin is distributed and grows in popularity it will also grow in value to reflect demand – it is the initial supporters that will benefit most from CloudCoin maturing into its rightful place within the global marketplace. Digital currencies will only continue to become more prevalent as technology advances and CloudCoin is perfectly suited as a secure, independent alternative to national currencies.

How to Buy CloudCoins

Start by creating a free encrypted email account at Protonmail.com. For privacy, it is best to give this email account a name that cannot be linked to you. Next, find a trusted seller in your country. Send an email to the trusted seller stating how much you would like to purchase, and in which currency. Then, confirm the payment details with the trusted seller and arrange a time to be sent your CloudCoins via your Protonmail.com account.

How do I use CloudCoin?

When you want to buy something, you will send the CloudCoins to the seller. CloudCoins use a new technology called the “RAIDA”. The RAIDA  accomplishes what Bitcoin’s Blockchain does – only without the Blockchain! In order to own these coins you must “Pown” (password-own, which verifies and updates all of the internal authenticity numbers) so only you have them. This process is done through the free software found on cloudcoinconsortium.com, or on our “USE” webpage.

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CloudCoins can be purchased directly from us. Either through our website, by calling (530) 500-COIN, or by emailing us at: sales@cloudcoins.us.

Anywhere that accepts CloudCoins.

We will email you the CloudCoins within 48 hours of receiving your payment.

Contact your seller, and let them know the CloudCoins were shown as counterfeit when you Powned them.

CloudCoins can be stored on flash drives, external hard drives, in Cloud storage, or anywhere that you can store digital data.

You will need to submit a Lost Coin Report to have your CloudCoins returned to you.

We accept, Bank Wire Transfer, Check, or Money Order.

Because there is not a set price for CloudCoins. The price at which they are sold is left completely up to the seller.

Protonmail is an encrypted email service, and it’s the most secure way to send and receive CloudCoins, which is why we recommend Protonmail to all our customers.

CloudCoins can be purchased in 1’s, 5’s, 25’s, 100’s and 250’s.

It only takes milliseconds to verify the authenticity of a CloudCoin.

Yes, you need a connection to the internet in order to contact the RAIDA, which is necessary to authenticate your CloudCoins.